Eskil offers a very exciting and honest lecture that takes you through a unique physical, visual and auditory journey. With a career that began in a treetop in the little village of Vallset where he grew up, to having more than 100 million TV-viewers in China and a large international audience for over 20 years, this is an engaging and mind changing experience - completely unlike anything else.

Types of lectures:

1. Total Balance
We constantly talk about balance – presenting balance in various forms. Can all types of balance be summarized in one term? How can balancing in a more holistic picture help us to get the ultimate result?

2. Motivation and goals
Challenges we face – at work and in private life. How not to give up half way. Can everyone reach his or her goals? How to set a realistic goal based on your own skills and see clearly through the whole process. How to reach a common goal in a team where people are motivated differently. How to split up and structure work into manageable pieces on the way to reach your main-goal. How to use previous experiences to succeed.

3. Safety Thinking
How to work with positive mind set in relation to safety culture. Why both, thinking and exercising should play an equally important role as external technical aids.

As the first lecturer in the world, Eskil offers a virtual after-experience, where the audience gets to try VR-shades and balance "a thousand meters" above the ground.

Among those who have hired Eskil with lectures and training sessions are Alcoa, Adecco, Brooks, History Channel, BBC, Shanghai Finance University Renault, Innovation Norway, Fjord Norway, Lyse Energy, Vekstra Accountancy, Deloitte, Hustadmarmor and a number of other companies.