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"Fear is just a temporary and natural state of protection. Not much to be afraid of."

-Eskil Rønningsbakken

In my lectures I introduce people to different thoughts and my well proven working methods. I also find it very interesting to exchange point of views with my audience, and the allover-goal is that they go inspired back to their daily tasks after our event together.


Eskil as a speaker

Along his journey, from a small village in Norway to over 100 million TV-viewers in China, he has been challenged to go extreme in both - physical and mental balance. His gateway to the audience depends a bit on who he stands in front of. The past experiences showed that the following three topics are the most popular and interesting:

1. Total balance

We constantly talk about balance – presenting balance in various forms. Can all types of balance be summarized in one term? How can balance in a more holistic picture help us to get the ultimate result?

Target audience: 18+
Duaration: 45 -60 min

2. Motivation and goals

Challenges we face - at work and in private life. How not to give up half way. Can everyone reach their goals? How to set a realistic goal based on your own skills and see clearly through the whole process? How to reach a common goal in a team where people are motivated differently? How to split up and structure work into manageable pieces on the way to reach your main goal? How to use previous experiences to succeed?

Target audience: 18+
Duaration: 45 -60 min

3. Safety thinking

How to work with good mind set in relation to safety and safety culture?Why both, thinking and exercising should play an equally important role as external technical aids.

Target audience: 18+, Industry and risk related professions
Duaration: 45 -60 min