Circus acts and art performances

We provide you a variety of circus skilled artist and live performances. Entertainment that is perfect for all types of events and occasions. Talented circus artists, parkour artists, balance artists, magicians, aerialists, tightrope, contortionists. Book our amazing performers for your next event!

Meet artists
  • Acrobat Tinka performing aerial stunt


Versatile acrobat

  • Parkour performer Amadei



  • Huriyet performing aerial act



  • Silke performing tightrope act



  • Mareike performing aerial stunt


Aerial art

  • Eliza performing contortion



  • Contortion act on stage



  • Walldance performance



  • dance de vida performing in mirror dress



Intermotional-Introducing a dedicated talent development program for motion artists 

Eskil Rønningsbakken is developing a program for young talented performers in several forms of the art of motion and balance such as aerial dance, parkour and new circus.

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TINKA - Versatile acrobat

Tinka is energetic, brilliant and versatile on stage.She has trained from early childhood on and controls acrobatics in the air, as well as on the ground, dancing and acting.

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AMADEI - Parkour

Amadei comes from Germany, performs parkour, freerunning, acrobatics, material arts and stunst at events and films. He is definitely among the most agile pereformers I have met over the years. Above all he´s a perfectionist in his work.

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HURIYET - Balance

Huriyet originally comes from China, but currently lives in Norway.

She was educated by the prestigious Xinjiang University of Arts and is a master of high unicycle. She throws cups and plates from her toe to her head, while she at the same time balances a tall unicycle with the other leg.
You won´t believe it before you see it live, and even then it´s hard to believe that someone can develop such skills.
Photos: Espen Schei

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SILEA - Tightrope

Silea (Silk Adolph) is both an innovative and reputable artist within the field of tightrope balance.She literally takes her balancing act a step further in toe, on almost any conceivable object.She is probably one of the very few in this world, who masters the balance on the neck of champagne bottles.Silea is a trained dancer an artist from Staatliche Ballettschule und Schule für Artistik in Berlin.

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ELIZA - Contortionist

Eliza has devoted her entire life to contortion art and is probably one of the most flexible ladies in the world. You´ll be completely hypnotized by this young artist, while she bends her body in positions you never thought possible.

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MAREIKE - Aerial art

Mareike early learned the art of flying and now makes her performances in almost anything that can be hung from the ceiling of a building.She combines dance and music in graceful moves, where it´s impossible for the audience not to fall in love.Besides the classic performances, Mareike also makes a flying soccer player performance. She was educated at Staatliche Ballettschule und Schule für Artistik in Berlin.

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PIXIE - Contortionist

Pixie is one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK. She performs the most extreme and amazing backbends which very few other contortionists are able to achieve. She currently performs contortion and acrobatic acts at venues all over the world and has appeared in many films, commercials, virals, music videos and publicity stunts; among other twice in Game of Thrones.

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We have taken wall dance to a whole new level never seen before.Dance, acrobatics and stunts merged in a limitless world, where Newton's laws apparently are being repealed. We now provide wall dance with duos and large synchronous groups.

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We work closely with Show de Vida, which provides colorful dancing to all kinds of events. We can take you on a magical show journey where only your imagination sets the limit! Choose among countless exciting concepts such as an evening with James Bond, glamorous Gatsby, western night, glittering Vegas dancers, or how about samba, hula or salsa?

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