Collaborating photographers

"If a tree falls down in the wood without anybody watching... did it make any sound? When i am performing a handstand on a mountain top, and nobody sees it, did I really do it then?" 

Eskil Rønningsbakken 

Eskils collaboration with professional and semi professional photographers is crucial for his work. Knut Bry and Sindre Lundvold have been his main companions in documenting his art for years.

  • Portrait of Knut Bry

Knut Bry

Knut Johannes Bry, born 3 October 1946 in Hovet, Buskerud, Norway, is a Norwegian fine-art photographer and film director. Bry has no formal education as a photographer and chose his profession in 1975, 29 years old.

  • Portrait of Sindre Lundvold with sunglasses

Sindre Lundvold

Sindre is born in 1980 and early discovered his passion for photography. He was first professionally educated as a product photographer, but later developed his skills more in direction of art and human beings. Sindre and Eskil have cooperated for over 15 years and exhibited their art world wide.

Selection of videos 

Watch a selection of my youtube videos here and visit my own youtube channel for more.

Superhuman balance 

Superhuman balancing on a stack of chairs at 1000 feet high drop.
See this amazing guy from Norway balancing fear less and unsecured, at 1000 feet drop.

-History Channel

One - arm handstand on Preikestolen

The highest and most spectacular one-arm handstand ever performed on Earth - by Eskil. The handstand was performed at Preikestolen - Norway the 18th of September 2013, totally free of safety harnesses or nets. Eskil´s only safety line is years of physical and mental preparations.

Backwords bicycle ride

Eskil riding a bike backwards at up to 80 km/h down Trollstigen Norway. His only safety line is years of physical and mental preparations.